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Audi airbag recall (early models)

Since my '91 200's original "Mom" was kind enough to forward the AoA recall notice to me, I had some extra motivation to drop by the local Audi dealer to enquire as to details. In particular, I was concerned with the fact that Audi's notice contains the following note:

"If your Audi has equipment installed by sales or service facilities other than an authorized Audi dealer (such as alarm system, cellular phone, or disc player) which needs to be removed to provide access to the sensor module, please inform your dealer...so that additional repair time can be scheduled. The cost of removal and reinstallation of such equipment...cannot be borne by Audi."

Well I have a non-OEM alarm and disc changer. So I wondered what this would cost me. The Service Manager had two interesting pieces of info: (1) there would be no charge for those "extra" items, and (2) the time required--they just had finished another 200q--was running 5 or 6 hours!!!!! A far cry from the "approximately 2 hours" stated by Audi's Recall Campaign KF notice. So it seems to be a leave-the-car-for-a-full-day kind of deal.

And then keep fingers crossed that all the pieces get put back together properly. Anyone have the recall work done yet on the older models?

'91 200q.... Hoping to avoid UI (Unintended Inflation)
'89 100.... Air bag? We don't need no stinkin' airbag!

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