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Airbag recall..

My steering wheel (black leather wrap) is showing its age in both feel and
appearance in those areas most subjected to sweaty palms.  I thought about
having the steering wheel replaced with one of the 3-point sport wheels
from a later model year (in conjunction with the airbag work), but was
told by the parts guy there that the dealership is *unwilling* to do the
necessary conversion for liability reasons.  

So, barring that, the cost to replace the steering wheel with the original
for that model year ('92) is $750.  Don't really want to spend that for a
steering wheel, and they don't sell the leather wrap as separate.  I
definitely don't want to put a cheezy after-market wrap on it.  

If you kind folks can offer a suggestion (or a BTDT even better), I'm all
ears.  I'm  wondering about having a leather shop take a whack at

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