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Re: Help a novice, please.....

Sounds like the ignition lock problem to me--turn on the car and the
engine starts, but blinkers/headlights/radio/all electrical goodies
don't work.  There was a recall for this, check if your car had it.



>      Hello All,
>      Just bought a 95 90csq about a month ago.  This afternoon started the 
>      car and was off.  Noticed however that windows can't be rolled down, 
>      air conditioner's led is gone, electic sunroof is inoperable.  No low 
>      beam headlights, but there is high beam, no turn signals and outside 
>      temp display is --.--.  
>      I turned off the engine and checked fuses, all seemed o.k. Put key 
>      back in ignition, and viola! everything works fine now.  I know this 
>      is not going to go away just like that.  Anyone w/similar experience?
>      Thanks in advance.
>      Bo.
>      95 90csq