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Re: Rear speaker "hiss" with aftermarket head unit

AudiJeep@aol.com wrote:
> I have a Sony CD player in my '92 100 (35x4, 14 watts RMS). I have it hooked
> up correctly (at least to my Bentley's wiring diagram). Here's the problem.
> With the CD playing, there is quite a bit of hiss from my rear speakers (facto
> ry Nokia's, not Bose). It also does this to a lesser extent with the radio.
> The front speakers have absolutely no hiss whatsoever with either the CD or
> radio. Local audio guy said to get a noise filter, but that is only for
> alternator interference, right? This hiss is there when the car is on or off,
> so that rules out the alternator. I know the rear speakers are amplified, and
> the fronts are not. Could this be causing this? 

Not only could it, but it is causing the hiss. Remove or disable the
internal amps from the rear speakers and use the Sony's built in amp for
the rears.