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Next problem: rear right electric window on 200T...


I'm quite happy with all the help I can get from this list. This
week I jumped onto the aircon bandwagon that was going through it
and managed to get my aircon unit to the point where I am able to
find out what the real problems are. This weekend I will try and
get it in to a proper aircon place to see if I do have a leak.

While I am going to be busy waiting to find out whether and where
there is a leak I thought I might as well move onto the next phase
of my Audi 200T 1990 restoration.

Symptom: rear right power window does not work, light on driver's
         door master control panel does not light up for the rear
         right window either.

What I have done so far:
         removed the trim from the door to have a look at what was
         going on. The window seal on the very top edge of the
         window is a bit twisted. When washing the car I notice how
         water gets in through it and how condensation forms on the
         glass. Inside of the door seems streaked in water patterned
         residue. On the lower back edge of the door there is a bolt
         and it seems coated in a rusty type of coating.

What I think has happened:
         Motor shorted out. (Durhhh!!).

What I'd like to work out:
         Has the fuse just blown, or the relay or the motor?
         Where is the relay for this thing?
         All the other windows work perfectly, so does each window
         have a separate fuse/relay?

Other notes:
         All the switches for the other windows on the master control
         work okay and light up properly.

How can I determine whether the motor has shorted out or whether it
is the switch assembly instead? There isn't a lot of water marks on
the inside panel, just a bit, and the motor seems well sealed. Just
how much water does it take to short these things?

I know it's silly asking these things here as I could probably climb
in there myself with some voltmeters/amp-meters/resistance-meters
and try and see how to fix it, but I'd rather ask these here and
get a proper procedure to follow from someone who has fixed such
a problem. Also, I only have a Haynes manual for the 200 up to
'89 and it isn't very good on the electrical bits.

"a thousand miles from here, there is another person smiling"
1990 Turbo (200T)
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