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Ur-q used tie-rods?

In message <199711210306.WAA11532@mail.rogerswave.ca> "Martin Pajak" writes:

> I am looking for a used Ur-q pass side one piece tie rod.  The one to 
> go around the wastegate and that has the end crimped on.
> I already found one (thanks to Mike Hopton) for when I swaped a turbo 
> motor into my Coupe.  I am looking for another one or maybe two for 
> my other two Audis that may have turbo motors as early as spring 
> time.  I have to modify the tie-rod anyways to fit the 4000 tie rod 
> end so a useless to someone else Ur-q tie rod can really save me 
> modifing a new Ur-q tie rod (not a cheap solution but it might have 
> to do).

Second or third ur-quattro tie rod request I've seen.  I've been told that the  
factory is currently out of stock, and waiting periods will be significant if 
your local country/dealership can't find one.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club