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should I part out 89 200Q?

Well, as some of you know, my beutiful modified mica metallic 89 200q 
(some of you saw it at Road America) was in an accident 2 weeks ago this 
sunday.  The insurance company totaled it, but I might fix it.  One thing I 
need to know to make that decision is, how easily could I part it out if I 
buy it back (and take off my spring and stuff) but don't fix it.  The 
damage is all in the front end.  I am going to go look at it today, but 
from what I remember, the radiatior is till good, intercooled is smashed 
(along with my euro lights!!!).  Engine is good, every thing behind the 
firewall is good.  Had 88k on it, no leaks except a slight valve cover leek 
in one corner.  Ran VERY well (as any MC engine with reasonable care with 
only 88k  should).  Oh, by the way, my MC motor is of the K-26, single 
knock sensor variety (love that boost), and was stock until about 5,000 
miles ago, when it was chipped (14 psi), and run on mobile 1 15w-50 
synthetic ever since.  The car was in excellent shape inside and out (black 
leather, cold weather pak).  2 of the stock wheels are in good shape, 2 
have some spots where the paint has been coroded by brake dust, they would, 
of course, make excellent winter wheels.

anyone intrested in buying parts?  Any suggestions?

Thank you,