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Re: Insurance

   I believe you, as the customer, can insure your vehicle for any justifiable
amount. Call your insurance agent, I think s/he'll tell you that your car will
have to be photographed to record any and all customizations, thereby providing
proof should the unthinkable happen.

Sean Ford
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From: Duff, Ian <IDuff@CHARTER.com>
>Let's say I win the lottery, and decide my CQ really needs to be an RS2,
>and make it so. How do I insure it, or even can I? More mundane point,
>let's just say, for the sake of argument here, that the headlights suck
>enough that I replace them with some expensive You're-a-pee'in ones. So
>far, so good. Now, some chump drives into the front of my car, and ruins
>those expensive, non-USA OEM lights. How do I go about getting them
>replaced without having to cough up the difference between the stellar
>USA OEM flashlights the insurance adjuster is willing to pay for and the
>expensive ones I'll settle for? There are lots of simple examples that
>fit here, like aftermarket wheels, or aftermarket anything, for that