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Re: coupe quattro (fwd)

Someone on the list was looking for a 80/90 quattro I think.
Here ya go... There is also a yellow one (yes yellow) for
sale in my neck of the woods.

| dan |

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Thanks for the reply.

My car is a 1991 model 80 quattro 4door sedan in metallic silver. The 80 is
very similer to the 90 but perhapse slightly smaller, I'm not sure. I think
with the factory alloy rims and mini spoiler it you may find it a little
more sporty looking than the basic 90 series.

The car has most of the options that were available. Although I don't
remember all of them, I'll try an list some significant ones.

-Heated seats and mirrors
-Driving/fog lights
-CD changer (not factory  - nice sound - no interior modification, but new
speakers, head unit and amp. I have the factory system radio/tape)
- Alarm system(not factory)
- Remote/ Inegrated radar detector (not factory...)  :-)
and probably more that I take for granted.

All services have been done according to the service manual. The car came
with three years of regular maintenance included and I kept up with it
afterwards. I have reciepts/records for all maintenance on the car.

Thanks for your interst.  Please let me know if this helps.

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>Looking for details on the car you are selling via the auto trader.
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