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Re: WTB: 20VT

At 08:51 PM 11/19/97 -0700, Ben Howell wrote:
>  According to my fiches, a 20vt short block is available from AoA for both
>the 3B (200) and the AAN (S4 and S6). Part # 034 100 105C will get 

I don't doubt that the fiche lists these items...
availability, otoh, might be a bit different.  i've heard of at least two
people who've tried to buy blocks from AoA--they have had no success.  one
problem with the fiche--it hasn't been updated in a couple years, even the
dealer's "current" fiche.  the "old" ones some dealers give out (like the
one i have) is even older.

>> US.  FYI, one "stock" rebuild i'm aware of is running over $5000. 
> $5k for a rebuild? OUCH!

that's what he's saying!  no mark, that's not what he's asking for the
motor--that's what he's poured into it after a bearing spun. and it still
isn't done (since late summer)  don't know if he'd have had better luck
dropping it off at a dealer--probably cost more, but might have been done
by now.

>Well, again, according to my fiches, they are available from any Audi
>Dealer. For some unknown reason, they are selling the rod bearings 

again, my note above.

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