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Re: Slick 50 & friends

I have seen the informercial that you are talking about. They do all
sorts of crazy things to their test engine. Like taking off the valve
covers and throwing sand and water into the engine, then taking off the
oil pan to show the gunk in it. Then restart the engine and let it run.
It seems rather impressive, but I'll let somebody else test the stuff
out before I put it in my car.

Matt Daniels
'93 90S

>Has anyone heard of this Prolong stuff?  A friend of mine (who's into
>but I still talk to him) saw an infomercial that claims the use of this

>product can protect an engine even once it has its oil drained.  Has
>seen this ad or know about their products?  He asked the Mazda board
and no
>one seems to have heard of it.