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Re: Corky Bell's "rules of thumb"...exhaust size

>Exhaust gas velocity....that's an interesting thought.  I think that is
>where CB was going with that.  If you increase the volume (pipe diameter)
>wouldn't the gases slow causing the turbo to not spool up as fast?

Hey Randall...

Not sure where I saw it... but there is a new product being developed
called a "negative backflow muffler".  Basically, its a tailpipe inside a
tail pipe, with the inner one connecting to your engine.  The outside
tailpipe, or sheath, has a (wild guess here) 1/2" gap between it's inside
wall and the outer wall of the regular tailpipe.  This sheath then attaches
to a funnel or air pump (they are testing and playing with it) and
hopefully by increasing the velocity outside of the tailpipe in a
controlled manner, the venturi effect will take affect and suck the exhaust
gas out.

Negative back pressure.  I read it either on the internet or in a Street
Rod or similar magazine (Maybe Turbo and Hi Tech Performance?  Who knows),
and thought about experimenting, but I never get to it.

Its a neat idea I think.

Frederic Breitwieser
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