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Slick 50 & friends (NO Audi content)

Prolong is sold in sex shops, to help keep the rigidity.  I've had no cause
to check into the veracity of the claims, but they don't have much to do
with Mazdas.  It does make a fantastic faux wedding gift though, for when
it's just family and really good friends (i.e. the rehersal dinner), 'cuz
all the women giggle and scream about it.

Oil can be an important part of the equation though... an almond-oil
massage, some candlelight, a glass of a good California white...  I'm just
not sure what this has to do with Audis.

>From: WBITTRICH@aol.com
>Has anyone heard of this Prolong stuff?  A friend of mine (who's into Mazdas,
>but I still talk to him) saw an infomercial that claims the use of this
>product can protect an engine even once it has its oil drained.  Has anyone
>seen this ad or know about their products?  He asked the Mazda board and no
>one seems to have heard of it.