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Re: API/GL4 v. API/GL5, SPEEDO Cable

J.A.Dowdell wrote:

> Can someone explain the differences between API/GL4 and API/GL5. Is the GL5
> just somehow "better"? I have some synthetic 80/90w API/GL5, can I use this
> in the front trans/diff of my QUATTRO?

Not in the newer ones. GL-5 oil is corrosive to the sychros in the manual
transmission.GL- 5 most be used in the rear differential were a high pressure
oil is needed.

> Also, since the weather has started getting colder , the speedo is stating
> to make some noise and show some movement - only happens when air temp is
> low 20's F or colder and then only until the car warms up. Can you lubricate
> these things? Maybe also the head unit? BTW, the car is an '86 4KCSQ w/103k
> mi. As always, much thanks in advance.
> JAD '86 4KCSQ

  I've seen in some manuals that you are never to lubricate the speedo.

1990 CQ