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Re: why can't Audi sell cabrios in CA, MA, CT & NY

>The new EC mag says that Audi won't be selling any Cabrios in CA, MA, CT or
>NY.    Anyone know why this is? I can't believe it would be emmission
>related, so maybee roll over protection? 

I would guess emmissions (it is a guess <G>), simply because the states you
listed have the toughest emissions laws of the country, CA obviously being
the strictest.

Of course, nothings to stop someone from buying a Cabriolet in NJ, and
"moving" to NY.

Happens all the time.

Also, while this is not a legal solution, certain states (like NY) which
have private gas stations and car dealers to the inspection rather than the
state, a "palmed $20" often gets you a sticker, but you have to stick it on
the window yourself.

I got a race-prepared car through inspection that way until I could get the
power I wanted with all the cats and other emissions stuff, which took
about a month... needed the daily driver :)

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