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Eprom burner technogeek stuff

FWIW, here's some info on eprom burners.

I've got an eprom burner setup which originally came from Jameco
Electronics in California. Total cost was about $100 - maybe a little less.
(This was a few years ago.)

Components are: Box with four ZIF (zero insertion force) sockets, RS-232
cable, board that plugs into unused 8 bit slot on DOS computer, disc of
DOS-based (not windows) software. Works in anything - XT and up. This is a
"hobby" grade system, not a production line workstation.

You also need an eprom eraser - sort of a black light (UV) on steroids.

Procedure is to call up program, set eprom type in software, read eprom
data either from the eprom or from file on disc, modify as wanted, write
eprom data either onto disc or "burn" it into pre-erased blank eprom.

Software is s little clunky, manual is written in "Ingrish" (but to be
fair, I can speak NO Chinese whatsoever), but the whole shebang works quite
well once you figure out the exact procedure.

Blank eproms cost about $2 to $10, depending on type (capacity - 32K, 64K,
128K, 256K, 512K), you can buy previously-written-to eproms for about half
that and erase them yourself. Remember to remove the paper tag over the
quartz window when you start, and put a write-protect tab from a 5.25" disc
over the window once you're done. I like to also add a tab telling me the
date and version of whatever I've programmed into the eprom.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman