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Re: Coupe GT Anti-sway....

Mik Tip writes:
> I have been driving on a set of the original "Suspension Technique"
> Anti-sway bars, front and rear,
> since 1988.  Included are aftermarket "stiffer" and "lower" springs.
> The difference of the Coupe GT's handling ability, and prowess, is night and
> day!

I have the Suspension Techniques 25mm rear bar on my 4000.  I had also
upgraded the front bar to an Urquattro bar (an increase from 21mm to
24mm).  This, along with Eibach Pro-Kit springs and Koni sport shocks
gives the 4000 great handling.  There is no 2-stage behavior and the
cornering limit is very high (some of my passengers get scared sh*tless
when I take some of the corners at speed :-)).

The 4000 FWD and Coupe suspensions are virtually identical, so the same
story should apply.  The S-T bars for these cars, as Mike says, are
difficult to find now.

Urquattro front bars can still be found via the dealer, so that may be
a worthwhile upgrade for 4000/coupes in itself.  Without some additional
roll stiffness in the rear to compensate, though, there may be an increase
of understeer.

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