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88 5KQ grinding sound from ABS - Normal?

In message <> "David Marshall (quattro mailing list)" writes:

Neat domain name.  Will it bounce?

> - When jamming on the brake and sheer ice the ABS will kick in and the car
> does come to a rather quick and even stop.  It is just that the noise the
> ABS makes is horrible!  It sounds like a scraping and grinding noise as if
> there was part of the brake pad missing.  With the ABS turn off it is quite
> quiet.  Any suggestions on what might be wrong.

Nothing at all.

> - The other thing that I noticed is if I am going about 5km/h and turn on
> the diff lock (position 1 or 2) it doesn't come on until I get above 10 or
> so km/h.  Then it stays on until I'm back down to 5km/h.  My 4KQ didn't do
> this.  What should I be looking for?

a) It needs some 'differential movement' to engage.
b) Attach a simple vacuum tester (MityVac or some such) to the vacuum line
   leaves the engine heading down the right side (left side from front of 
   car).  It may be that there's a small leak in the actuator hose.  Test
   it with the selector knob in all of its positions.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club