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Re: why can't Audi sell cabrios in CA, MA, CT & NY

>You guys are lucky you don't live in California.  Here the smog machine
>sends its results to central state computers before you can get smog
>approval.  And the technician has to sign the test results.  Any monkey

NY works in a similar fashion, the registration information and inspection
approval is negotiated between the local garage's inspection machine,
computer, exhaust sniffer with the state computer at the time of
inspection, and if the state computer accepts the information and says
"print", a sticker magically appears out the printer slot.

These machines are expensive, the local garages have to buy them outright
(or lease) maintain their certification as an inspection station, all this
to slap on state-mandated stickers that have a fixed retail charge of $10
no matter where in NY you go.

>business would result in license suspension (i.e. you lose your job) and
>probably jail time.  

This is the "letter of the law" in NY, however enforcement is a different

>Virtually any engine modifications are strictly
>verboten unless approved by "Executive Order".  Even whole engines are

I've always considered this to be a bit more anal than necessary.  Rules to
protect the environment are a good thing, however there should be some
limitations and flexibilities buit into the system.  Though I say this, and
was fined last summer for not "treading lightly".

>considered replacement parts, so you can only replace with same year or
>later engine.  Otherwise, I'd be tempted to drop a Capri 2.6 L V6 (fond
>memories there) into my 4kq.

Good choice in engine :)  A 2.6L with twin turbos... oh, happy cutting :)

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