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re: Coupe GT Anti-sway bar for rear

You guys are confusing me now. Some say the two stage is to be expected;
others say the difference was significant and worthwhile. 
In stock form this car leans too much. It does not inspire confidence on
the asphalt as it feels it will fall over. On the gravel, it's about
perfect and terrorizes passengers easily <g>.
My car has Boge turbo gas front and Bilstein rear struts. Stock springs,
which I would almost prefer to keep in the interest of ground clearance
and bottoming (see above, gravel, PRO Rally spectating). Currently has
14" Revolutions with 195-60-14 tires we won't discuss. I'm scheming to
upgrade to 15" shortly.
I live in Pennsylvania where the roads are horrible, and in fact the
front suspension is almost too jarring in its present state. I'm really
just interested in getting this thing to lean less. Well, that and
adding 50hp...
I decided to try a rear bar first, and then move onto a front bar if I
deemed it necessary or worthwhile. Forget the S-T bars; they are
unobtainium. Addco makes a 1" bar for the front, and the 3/4" rear bar,
which seems kind of arse-backwards to me for a fwd car. Perhaps the
small diameter of the rear bar is intended to allow for the axle to flex
as necessary. Actually, I never knew the rear axle had any movement
other than up/down!

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