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Pressurized Ur-Q spoiler...

While giving my Ur-Q it's semi-annual detailing, I started to remove the
screws that hold the spoiler to the trunk lid so I could clean around them
... to my amazement, after I removed the first one, I heard a hissing noise
coming from the hole!  I put my finger over it and the noise stopped, which
confirmed that the spoiler was indeed pressurized ... I took my finger away
and it took another 10-15 seconds for the hissing to stop.

The rear of the car had been sitting in the sun but there was a slight
breeze blowing and the temp was only into the mid-70s ... the surface of the
spoiler itself was only slightly warm to touch.  Has anyone noticed this
with their cars?  Could this be the reason why so many of these spoilers
split and crack?  To be safe, I've removed the center screw on one side to
vent any further pressure build-up.  Weird.

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