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Re: Coupe GT Anti-sway bar for rear

>I believe the two stage behavior is a product of unmatched bars,
>front/rear.  Audidudi's explanation of my two-stage observation makes a
>great deal of sense to me, as I don't remember the sensation of tire
>slip, only a non-linear change in direction.  Once I was going all out
>and was past the two stage transition, I would then get to the point
>where I was feeling tire slip, i.e. a couple of nice 4 wheel drifts one
>day on a back road in MN. :-)

The second stage you refer to is when the inside wheel lifted clear of the
road ... at that point, your only point of contact on the road is the
outside tire and, Yes, if you've got the car balanced well enough, it'll
drift very nicely, even with only 74hp.  BTDT many, many times...  :^)

A rear a/r bar will sharpen up the transient response up until that point
but the tradeoff is that it'll also cause the inside wheel to lift sooner
(relative to cornering force) ... however, if you also put a larger bar on
up front, you can partially restore the balance by giving up some of the
front traction.  However, it's my experience that a larger front bar by
itself worked best of all ... at least on my '81 4k, anyway.
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