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85 URq developing an oil addiction.

In message <880252747.103604.0@melly.exchange.co.nz> Andrew Asher writes:

> Negative on smoke at startup.

Turbo's probably OK.

> Compressions tested (I understand) when hot.

So if they're different cold.

> Ive got the workshop pulling the head tommorow - It has had extensive
> work done on the head 18 months ago ( 15,000mls ago ) - by a previous
> owner.  Im hopefull something has come unstuck in there - it would be
> nice to see a valve stem seal winking at us as the culprit.

Amateurs typically make two mistakes - re-using the head bolts and using
sub-standard head gaskets.  But if the head's been worked on, then the
head's the main suspect.

> Anything we should keep an eye out for ( apart from seeing the top of
> the con rod through the #5 piston. ) ?

Nothing that won't be obvious.

> Would the Turbo main seal cause problems only when hot ?  If it was a
> rotary I would go straight for the rotor seals - so I guess that does
> answer my question about a seal being troublesome only when hot.

It _can_ cause the symptoms you describe, but there will always be a
little leakage after shutoff that comes out as a startup puff of smoke.

> Oiling #5 plug - wouldnt the Turbo seal if faulty cause all plugs to oil
> ??  we are talking OILED here like with an oil can.

They may all be seeing oil, but only #5 isn't burning it off.  Perhaps
because of a coolant leak.  Coolant leaks into #5 are common with
sub-standard head gaskets and poor workmanship - if left, of course,
the coolant corrodes the bore and washes off the oil film.  But you'd
usually see a lower compression figure ...

> Will let you know what the out come is - Im having one of those huge
> moments of regret that all URq owners get apparently from time to time.

 Phil Payne
 Phone: +44 385302803  Fax: +44 1536723021