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Re: exhaust size

> I read a HP book on turbo charging and it stated that the exhaust near the
> turbo outlet must be as large as physically possible.  The reason being is
> that as the gasses exit the turbo they are spinning and not traveling in a
> linear fashion.  By having a large exit the exhaust gasses go from a spinning
> mothion into a linear path rather quickly.  Exhaust gas that is spinning has
> to travel a much greater distance, and thus takes more time to travvel the
> same distance if it were moving in  a straight motion.  the book then states
> that the exhaust pipe diameter can be reduced later in the exhaust system.

It is even better (scientifically explained) in any Fluid Mechanics 
text book where the importance on laminar flow is really explained.
It's really interesting especially when you get into subsonic and 
sonic flow.



Martin Pajak

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