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How to detect vacuum leaks

As we all know, intake vacuum leaks seem to be a way of life when dealing
with an Audi.  Detecting them can be a pain; one of the most effective is
to spray something flammable (or use propane) around possible sites until
the engine idle goes up from sucking in the stuff.

For those of us who are somewhat nervous about the flammables route, I
found an alternative in the BMP Designs catalog (800-648-7278, which
specializes only in WMB's).  It's made by LiquiMoly, and it's a spray can
of stuff (non-flammable) that you spray around possible leak sites, and the
idle will drop, indicating you found the leak.  It should be safer than
other routes, and it is supposedly catalytic converter safe.  A 6.75 oz
can, item #114871, costs $9.95.  I've ordered one but haven't gotten it

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