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Re: Checklist

On Fri, 21 Nov 1997, Ian J Haseltine wrote:

> My own MB would certainly fail the boot hinge rust spots, the tyres (two good 
> Pirelli's on the front, a Firestone and a Falken on the back both of which 
> appear to be indestructable, I'm waiting til they wear out before I replace 
> them) and the clutch master cylinder (but by tommorow night that will be ok). 
Since I didnt sell my car, I took it to the garage on Saturday morning for
its MOT. Guess what..... it failed (now there's a supprise). I knew it
needed things doing to get it through the MOT, some of which are written
on invoices from my last service (so if anyone had come to look at it, it
was all written in plain english for them to see - before you jump down
my throat).
So far:

	2 new rear tyres (knew about them)
	Wish bone bushes (knew about them too)
	CO emissions (didnt know about that, but not really a problem)
	Near side head lamp adjustment (didnt know about that, but not a
	probem either)

I wonder how the well the car will run, since they have now adjusted the
engine mixture to reduce the CO? (does this mean it was running rich or

I was going to sell the car for 8750 ovno, but since Im just about to
spend around another 600+quid on it, I aint selling it for that anymore

I managed to blag an A4 1.9 Tdi for the day, and I must say, its by far
the best car I have ever had as a loan car, a much nicer car than the 320i
that I went up the M1 in on Friday night......

But the best part of the day was when the Garage driver gave me a lift
home on Saturday evening, after returning the A4, 
Quote "We got one of them old style Quattro's in today, absolutely(sp?)
mint, in red, sounded stunning"

Well at least they are going to pass my MOT with my one box scorpian
exhaust system in place :-)

Michael Burton
Project Manager, Demon Internet