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Hi Scott, fellow Qheads,

First off, kindly allow yer kindly ol' Unka Bart to wish you and your loved
ones a very happy Thanksgiving!  For anyone who is not in the US, this is a
day to reflect upon the many things in life for which one has reason to be

Such as the existence of Quattros and other wheeled toys, and our
possession of one or more of them.

And for the presence of those on this list who know, and share that
knowledge with us, helpful information about our toys and how to make them
do better those things they already do best.  And keep them alive and fun,
and minimize the cost of doing so.

Thank you Scott, I hope you keep on keepin' on, and I don't even have a turbo!

And thank you Igor, Scott Mockery, Phil, Al, Ben, Graydon, Gross, James,
Orin, Bob, Randall, Glen, Eliot, Mark, Tom, Jeffrey, Paul, Huw, ScharfR,
Jon, Gary and to all the others who know and share!  Why, even Eric has
been known to share the ocassional tidbit sprinkled amongst the buzzers.

I know I've missed someone's name, Please forgive me, 'twas not intentional.

Although I'm not particularly thankful that the list is becoming a tad
ad-hominium-ish, that's life.  And I *am* thankful for life...

Actually, I don't even mind seeing the occasional attempts to deliver the
verbal virtual wedgie, but then most are not directed my way; and besides
that, having been shot at and hit with lead bullets, electrons don't seem
so serious to me...

So let's all pause a moment and shake the knots out of our knickers.

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all!