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Re: Intermittent ABS Off Light

Hairy green toads from Mars made Steve & Christa Dranchak say:

> The Antilock Off light on my 92 100S with 71K miles has started to come =
> on intermittently at start-up.  It goes out if I press the antilock =
> switch on the dash once or twice and then stays out.  Has this happened =
> to anyone?  Any ideas on what could cause it.  The brakes were done by =
> the dealer about 22K miles ago, right before I bought the vehicle.  This =
> car has been amazingly reliable for the 21K miles I have driven it =
> during the last year and a half, needing only routine maintenance.

The dealer dislodged one of your ABS sensors, or damaged a sensor
wire doing the brakes. Take it back and make them check/reseat all
of the sensors.


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