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200 Brake Pads: '91 sedan daily-driver

I'm curious what Q-listers recommend for disk brake pads to   
replace/improve those on my 1991 200t sedan daily-driver (low   
miles)--suggestions (what, from whom)?  Timing is important,   
unfortunately--with holidays, etc. I have no time...taking the car to the   
pros (not dealer tho), and may need to overnight if the recommendation is   
to go Kool Carbons.

I heard the terrible grating sound in the rear brakes (Gerlings) this   
weekend--yep, the inner pad, left rear, gone--beginning to score my   
rotor.  Sunday I spent ~6 hrs. hunting for bake parts locally without   
luck.  Looks like I'll need pads, probably a left rear rotor, and the   
piston may be stuck too.

I have a couple of thoughts about this that are nagging me:
1) Are the electronics to warn of brake problems concentrated on the   
front, or should they have worked to warn me of problems in my rear   
brakes too?
2) Could the rear pad failure be due to a problem with the emergency   
brake adjustment? I used to use the emergency everyday when I parked the   
car. I quit, however, because of the sound of brake grabbing after   
releasing the emergency lever (I coast down out of my garage, close the   
door, then start the car).

Since I've had to go "Digest," it will take me a while to view group   
responses. If you would, please copy me directly (CDUNCAN@nciinc.com) on   
your note.
Thank you.
Cameron Duncan
(800) 363-3732
1991 200t sedan, 1991 Taurus Wagon, 1979 Buick Electra Ltd., 1973 Datsun