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RE: ADVANCING odo mileage?

When my speedo sensor went out, ('89 200Q) I took a peek inside the plastic 
case of the sensor, and found that it consists of a simple 
glass-encapsulated magnetic reed switch. I got a replacement for a few 
bucks from Digi-Key (a mail-order electronic components supplier). It 
worked great. I didn't even bother to find out what ludicrous price Audi 
charges for a replacement sensor.

If anyone wants the Digi-Key part number, let me know.

Nick Craft

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From:	Dave Shreeve [SMTP:shreevda@cannondale.com]
Sent:	Monday, November 24, 1997 11:39 AM
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Subject:	ADVANCING odo mileage?

Hello all!

I just diagnosed a dead speedo/odo on my '88 5kcsqw to be caused by a
worn-out speedo sensor (at the transmission).  This is very easy to
diagnose - see Bentley or e-mail me directly if you would like more
details.  I'm not sure what the average lifespan for these little VDO
wonders is, but mine went out after only 61k miles.

As I restore function to my speedo/odo, I am curious if any of you are
familiar with how to ADVANCE the mileage on the head unit odo to closely
approximate the actual mileage on the car (~100k).  Not a big deal, I
realize, but a nice reminder of how much the suspension, engine, etc.
has actually been through.  Any experience that might be shared would be
much appreciated.

-David Shreeve
Newtown, CT, USA