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Re: frozen strut nut removal

>Ken <kkeith@qnet.com> is looking for:
>> advise on getting a rusty, frozen strut nut off of the top of the strut.  
>... (on a 4ksq)
>> need to save the strut cartridge, BTW, so there won't be any Vice-Grips  
>> on the shaft for this one.
>Ken, use an air impact wrench.  It'll normally break the nut loose so quickly
>that the shaft won't have time to turn.  I do this on motorcycle Konis and
>forks all the time and did it to my 86 4ks as recently as yesterday.
>If you don't have an impact wrench, most any friendly service shop should
>apply an impact wrench for you on the spot.  Then just snug it back down
>until you get home to do the work.  I did this several times before buying
>the air stuff.

When a shop did this on my suspension, they succeeded in rounding several
nuts, and striping a thread (requiring a new tie rod) before giving up.
Parts had to be _cut_ of afterwards.  They also did not pay for the damage,
saying it was like it before I brought it in.  So thats why there a shiny
bits where the bolds have been rounded...

If you do get someone to do it, make sure the socket being used is the
perfect fit.  I still prefer to use a long bar on a socket, together with a
large hammer.  You have it under manual control then...

Mike Walder.

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