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Re: WARNING THREAD FROM HELL Was: Re: Prolong Patent and Slick 50

Elliott Potter wrote:

> > >
> > > Snake oil is still snake oil. The claims of some sort of magical ionized
> > > substance which clings to metal is just so much bull butter.
> > >
> >
> > Like Zinc? If you knew what was in motor oils, you wouldn't make a
> > statement like that.
> Well, zinc dialkyldithiophosphate (hereafter zinc) is in just about
> every brand of motor oil sold today, usually varying from .1% - .2%.
> Such zinc compounds are used as extreme pressure anti-wear additives, so
> they're found in larger amounts in oils specifically blended for
> high-revving, turbocharged or racing applications.
> The zinc only comes to play when there is actual metal-to-metal contact
> within your engine, which should never happen under normal operating
> conditions.  If you occasionally play tag with the redline on the tach,
> the zinc is your last line of defense.  Under extreme conditions, the
> zinc compounds react with the metal to prevent scuffing, particularly
> between cylinder bores and piston rings.
> So in the end, under normal conditions, more zinc does not give you more
> protection, it merely prolongs the protection if the rate of
> metal-to-metal contact is abnormally high or extended.  Also keep in
> mind that high zinc content can lead to deposit formation on your
> valves, and spark plug fouling, and could possibly lead to premature
> failure of your catalytic converter.
> While I can't totally agree with Mr. Myers that it's all snake oil, I
> also can't agree with John that they're all useful, at least for me.
> Elliott

  I never said they're all useful.  There are some that do work and there are
those sold by
well known oil companys the don't do squat.

1990 CQ