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Re: Teflon additives

Sachelle Babbar wrote:

> In my old 5ks I tried Duralube. Felt a different for one week. My dad
> overheated the motor and cracked the head on it a few weeks later and that
> was that for claims of being able to run it without oil and water. On my
> 5ksT, I had to change the original turbo with a new one. I went through
> the summer, babied it, cooled it, etc. The oil smoke started once again.
> Put in this stuff I saw a Nat'l Wholesale Liquidators called superlube
> (like the spray). 2.97 a quart. 1.97 at Job lot. I must say that I was
> surprised. It's cheap enough to add at every oil change. The turbo spools
> noticeably faster and smoother. I was worried that I might clog the
> filter. Sofar no problems with them. As far as teflon not bonding at under
> 400 degrees, I think that the bearing temps in a turbo might exceed that.

Yes, but you allso need a vacuum for it to work. The people that make teflon
sayit will never happen. All that teflon will turnup in your oil filter.

> Forgot to mention that the oil smoking has stopped completely. I haoped
> that the stuff will build up around the bearings and seals and it did.
> Have to specify that it is SUPER LUBE ENGINE TREATMENT. Not thye spray.
> Steve
> '84  5ksT 1.8 bar

1990 CQ