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Re: Volvo competing with Audi

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 > <full disclosure> Volvo guy ramblings follow...

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I think a little healthy competion for Audi is a good thing, and ovloV
is a real good place for it.
Only problem is, that neither of the players think there are any more
customers in the US looking for a standard transmission.
(95.5 S-6Avant the only recent exception to this)  
The recent history on this list shows the slush box from Audi as very
pricey thing to fix, and not terribly tolerant of heavy usage. 
When ovloV went public with their AWD wagon, I took the time to call
a dealer and ask about the transmission on this new machine. The
answer was a surprised, "well, no, we don't offer a manual".
(He should have added, "But we do have cup-holders") :-)
Recently I talked with a resident of Canada, he said the AWD was
available in the 850 wagon with a 5-speed for the last couple of
years up there.
This parallels reports I have heard from across the Atlantic where
supposedly even Audi Qwagons have been available with the 5-speed.
I guess the American market is really just not worth the time and
expense to EPA certify the manuals along with the slushboxes. 
I don't argue with the market, I know the majority will sell as
I'd really like to see this change to allow more choices, but probably
the most we can hope is for some kind of auto-stick tranny. Probably
even more expensive to replace, I'd guess.

Looks like my present Q's really need to last a while.

David Ritter
89 200Q
90 200QW