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peace on the list and goodwill to each other

Yeah, it's a new twist on an old theme, but bear with me.

I've been butting out of the turbo discussions because a) I
have nothing to contribute and b) the discussions are interesting.
What does have to stop now are the personal attacks, little
backhanded comments, because they add nothing to the discussion
and in fact detract from the list.

Scott and Eric both sell modifications for quattros.  To their
credit, I can't say for sure what either one sells, because
neither has spammed the list.   That's the way it should be.
And neither has submitted an entry for the vendors list,
now that I think about it...

Can you be a vendor and be objective?  I think so.  Witness Tim
from New Dimensions on the VW newsgroup.  Witness Ned Ritchie
who chimed in with a "been there, tried that" post on the
Franco cam gear.  That's fine.  If you sell/make something,
and want to discuss its merits or the theory around it, great.

I don't see Scott saying "mine is bigger and it's on sale this week"
nor do I see Eric saying "mine is bigger and I'll beat his price".

Let me leave you with two final thoughts - one, I asked a noted
Audi expert who is a lurker on the list what he thought about
this recent discussion.  To paraphrase, he thinks both these
guys know their stuff, and are among the most learned gearheads
on the list.  He also said that what neither one has yet realized

Second thought - I am in the market for a new car (and thanks
to the aforementioned lurker/expert for telling me that he
thinks the 4kq, in particular the 84 is one of the best!) and
I've been communicating with both Scott and Eric on AOL, one
at a time, trying to help me decide what to buy.
I feel like I'm the kid with divorced parents, having to "share"
with each one but not being able to do so together.

So guys, kiss and make up.  Each of you will say "but he..."
and you will both be pissed at me for writing this, but
I think that this needed to be said.  When you want to work
out your differences, make it turbos at 10 paces :)

| Dan |