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Re: Ur-quattro lighting

>Yup, that is the 85 style...enjoy...,they are the same crappy headlights 
>as on the 4000's.  Great car though;.....

Rumor has it that some '85s received these lights directly from the factory
but my research has never proven this ... so far as I know, all the US-spec
Ur-Qs got the quads, with the '85s getting the sloping grill with special
headlight bezels to match.  I happen to think the quads look better than the
aero lights and they're much cheaper to upgrade to euro-lights, too.  And if
you're really into performance, you can easily fab up a duct that mounts in
place of the passenger-side high beam to direct high-pressure cold air to
the OEM airbox intake ... BTDT last weekend.  So far, so good ... I'll put
up some photos at my webpage next week once I've returned from my
Thanksgiving roadtrip to Santa Cruz, California.

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