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Quantum Hell


   I believe the subframe on your QUantum Synchro wagon is the same as on a
4000CSQ....anyone beg to differ?  I have never actually climbed under one to
see for sure, but I know most suspension components are interchangable and
they are VERY similar cars.

   You can buy a 4000Q parts car for $500, and have plenty of parts left over.
Sorry to hear about your bad luck; it's good you're not paying for any of this.
I stopped going to NTW (now NTB) a few years ago.  I just got sick of waiting
around for several hours for my car to spend 10 minutes on the rack.  And,
having to make several trips back for them to "get it right", and that was just
for alighnments.  My time is worth more than that.  Find a good specialty shop
that does good alighnments and leave the chains to the masses.  Just a little
advice from the Dan man!