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Re: Slick 50 & friends

>Use Militec-1 for equipment it was DESIGNED for, if you use it at all.

Fringe:  What do you mean by this?  What's the point of your post?  In my 
opening sentence it says: "If you are into additives..."  EVERY 
application listed (except for the sunroof tracks) has documentation to 
support its use-a/c, industrial, hydraulic, automotive and firearms-with 
testimonials  So what do you mean by what it's designed for???

>Similarly, large heavy equipment is different from an Audi.

That's my whole point.  This product will work in your toy plane, your 
Cessna and your Kenworth.  The bonding of the product to METAL means just 
that...bonding to metal.  Be it big metal or little tiny metal.

Not trying to be a wise guy, but you should read their website to educate 
yourself about this product.  I think it will help you understand the 
intent of my original post.
>One other note.  In addition to a '97 2.8L A4Q and a '95 Subaru Impreza, 
have an '87 Ford Escort Pony.  This car cost me less than $4K new, and 
my transportation until I bought the Audi.  I changed the oil roughly 
2500 miles, but I also drove it HARD.  It has 109K on it, has been 
about 40 tires, eight struts, broken four wheels at different times, two
springs (also at different times), three engine mounts (all at the same
time), and I even broke the steering rack!  I've had to replace the
radiator twice.  And yet the engine is still within new spec for
compression.  It has never had an oil additive.  In my opinion, all you
need to do is change the oil regularly, and the car will last.... even if
you're a bit abusive to it.<

Good luck with your Audi if you treat it that way too.