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GL-5 gear lube in 200q transmission

Heading out today to buy some Redline MT-90 and was reviewing the
archives to make sure that's what I should use.  (It is.)  However,
their were several comments about the use of GL-5 in the transmission:
not reccomended, bad for synchros, "will damage synchros", etc.  

Unfortunately, I have had Mobil 1 synthetic (which is GL-5) in the trans
for about 20k miles.  It was first added by the Audi dealer up in
LaCrosse, WI and I flushed it with the same a while back.  Many of the
20k miles in question were highway miles (IA to L.A. to SC and Pike's
Peak, etc)  so the amount of shifting per mile is low, but I wonder how
much damage I have wreaked, if any?  I have experienced grinding on the
1-2 shift about a half dozen times, maybe 10 times, when driving in a
spirited manner.  Based on the information in the archives, this seems
to be a product of the GL-5  not up to the task.

Any dire predictions out there?  I will be changing the fluid tonight.
Anyone suppose I would have any recourse with the Audi dealer which
added non-spec fluid?

Ed Kellock ................. Greenville, SC  USA
91 200qw .................... 87 Coupe GT