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First American Scientific Corp.

First American Scientific Corporation has developed new technology that
we feel is of global significance to problems arising from human waste
disposal activity.  Full details are available at
http://www.mxtro.com/fasc  .

The technology, which is built into our Kinetic Disintegratioin System, 
is called Kinetic Disintegration Technology (KDT) and incorporates standing 
sound waves and kinetic energy to disintegrate virtually all non-metallic
substances into powders as fine as -400 mesh.  This means that previously
problematic recyclables like rubber (tires), gypsum (drywall), plastics,
insulation, glass, and bio-solid wastes can be cost-effectively
"micronized" and separated for re-use as industrial raw materials.

This information will be of particular interest to investors, municipal
engineers, agricultural research facilities, waste disposal engineers,
recycled product developers, and others who have an interest in
solving the crises being generated from worldwide waste disposal.

Our apologies if you view this information as intrusive, but First American
Scientific Corporation will not contribute to global deforestation by 
disseminating information through printed materials.  We feel this
technology is of the highest global priority.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Investor Relations
First American Scientific Corporation

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