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Re: 5k Euro Headlights

"Rudy Consolacion" <rconsolacion@kumhotech.com> wrote:

>What type of bulb goes in the "parking light" socket?

4 Watt bulb, small bayonet type. Or do you mean the innermost lights? Those
are the driving lights!

>There's a small  socket for a bulb under the headlight bulb. What
>goes there?

The parking light, or city light. Its one and only serious use is to warn
oncoming traffic that no, that single headlight does not belong to a
motorbike when a bulb fails.
European cars (at least mine) have a mechanism that leaves one of these
lights and a taillight on when you park your car with the turn signal stalk
still switched on to that side. Handy when you park in a dark road, and it
doesn't run your battery down immediately.

>I assume the top adjustment knob on the rear of the assembly adjusts
>the horizontal position of the reflector and the bottom one adjusts
>the vertical.  What is the purpose of the grey-colored adjuster on
>the bottom knob?  Looks like it's designed to stay in either the up
>or down position.

Some lights have an adjuster to aim them downward to avoid blinding
oncoming traffic when pulling a loaded trailer.

>I have the connectors and rubber boots for the plug.  Is there a
>special type of female terminal to use or is it just a standard 1/4"

Use something that will withstand current well and will hold water out.

>I will be running 80/100W H4's and have relays in hand.  Any other
>wiring suggestions will help. TIA!

I'd say stay away from the 80 W low beams. 55 is plenty with well-aimed
lights IMHO.


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