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Slick 50 & friends

  To: QUATTRO@coimbra.ans.net
  From: "Robert K. Davis" <bob@btv.ibm.com>

Brian Armstead said:
>Not trying to be a wise guy, but you should read their website to educate 
>yourself about this product.  I think it will help you understand the 
>intent of my original post.

So, Brian, I went to Militec's homepage.  One thing I noticed right away 
that has me confused:

On Mon, 24 Nov 1997 13:13:49 you said:

>Listers:  If you are in to additives, spend the extra money and use 
>Militec-1.  The stuff is military spec
But, on Militec's page http://www.apdinc.com/j&aintro.htm they 
specifically state in the first paragraph:

>Many people ask us if MILITEC-1 has a "mil spec" (military
>specification). The answer is no. 

?  Maybe I have the wrong product?
Bob Davis

Military spec or not Militec saved me from rebuilding my Automatic 
transmission on an 88' Ford Taurus. The transmission had been slipping 
for almost a year till this past May or June where it was barely 
drivable. I saw some post on the list here with people having good 
results with Miltec so I ordered 32 Oz. to try it out. I put it in all my 
vehicles. Any improvement in MPG fuel economy was pretty hard to detect, 
but after about one week of driving the Taurus the transmission was back 
to shifting normal. I can only contribute it to Militec in other words 
not because of the fluid change or filter change.

Jens Oxlund
86' 5kcstq
88' 5kcst
89' 200t

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