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Books, books, books

A recent post got me looking for Audi history books (the Bentleys are _so_
dry!). A puzzling situation emerged when I searched for the book discussed
by George H. (see below).

>Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 02:25:44 +0000
>From: George Harrison <georgeh@iol.ie>
>Subject: Audi book
>For anyone who likes a bit of good reading.....
>I bought a book today called 'The Audi File'.  Bloody marvelous!
>This is certainly one for any Audi fan.  It covers all models since 1888
>under the names Audi, Auto Union, DKW, Horch, Wanderer and NSU  - nearly
>200 different models.  Almost all have a photo to go with the short
>write up and specification, which covers body, engine, chassis,
>transmission, dimensions and performance.  It even has figures for kg
>per bhp / kg per kW.
>Starts with the NSU Daimler Stahlradwagen, 1888 and goes right thru to
>new model A6 1.9 turbo diesel direct injection, 1997.  Each model covers
>two pages, text on left, picture on right.
>All photos b+w.  Book is same shape and size as a normal Audi owners
>handbook but this has 416 pages.  Hard back in black and silver.
>Absolutly brilliant!
>Title:		The Audi File
>                (All models since 1888)
>		An Eric Dymock Motorbook
>Published by:	Dove Publishing
>		Old Chapel House, Sutton Veney,
>		Wiltshire BA12 7AY
>		and
>		G.T.Foulis & Company, an imprint of Haynes Publishing
>First published:1997
>ISBN:		0 85429 974 2
>Price:		Stg.20

At www.Amazon.com, I searched for "The Audi File" and turned up a 1997 book
entitled not as above, but rather "Audi File". It was indeed by Eric
Dymock, and has the same ISBN number (as above). Yet it is listed as being
a mere 96 pages (not 416)! And not in stock. :-( No price listed

At www.Booksnow.com, the same title search yielded another 1997 book
actually entitled "_The_ Audi File", but by authors Sparrow and Sparrow;
and with a different ISBN (1874105723)!!? About $17.95

Also at Booksnow.com, another new (Nov. '97) publication turned up: "The
Audi Quattro Book" by Dave Pollard. Hardcover published by Motorbooks Int'l
and selling for $34.94. ISBN: 185960403X.

Anyone have an explanation for the discprepancy (vis-a-vis G. Harrison's
post) or any comments on the other books?


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