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re: Maine winter rally

> Is anyone from the list going to the Maine Winter Rally?
> Anyone want to get together and spectate? Anyone have any
> favorite spots to get some great views from, tips, hints for
> viewing the rally, other than wear warm clothes? Thanks.

Dress really, really warm.
Spectating is a bit difficult, the snow and temperature notwithstanding.
Possibly the best way to accomplish this is to sign up as a worker.
Being a worker requires little brains, no experience, and a lot of
enthusiasm. Check out-- http://www.ebtec.com/recenews/maine
Also very important is food, as once you're on the road to Ocquossic you
can forget about McDonald's or anything pre-killed. A charcoal grill or
gas stove is not an absurd idea. 
The roads in the area are well maintained, but once in the woods the
snow can get very deep. Not much of an issue for the Q-equipped but can
be problematic to 2wd cars without Blizzaks.
I also urge you to make reservations NOW if you need a place to stay.
You may find this difficult. I have a list of area lodgings that can be
posted if need be.
Good fun, if you're with the right crowd. OFten icy, so speeds aren't
all that great, but hopefully the Sprongls will be there to change that! 
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