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AUDI 100LS Turbo!

Speeking of which, I have a couple of 72 Audi 100LSs.  One a 2 dr.
Other a 4 dr.  Some great features!  Inboard front disc brakes (What a
PIA!!).  Torsion beam rear suspension!  I'm willing to part with them
for very little.  I know, I know.  It's worthless junk.  But if anyone
something.  I may have it.

By the way, isn't this the same engine as the 924 except they
put and OHC head on the 924?  If so, it would be an easy bolt-in.
I'm getting ideas for a turbocharged
924 engine in a 72 100LS.  Talk about a sleeper!

OK.  You can laugh now.

>Anyone need an extra head for a HI-PO 100 ls build-up?!!?  QUIT 
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