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Re: Hi and Thanks!

Steve Valin wrote:

> Peter Sward USG <sward@zk3.dec.com> sez:
>  I have owned my previous Quattro since it was new and it has been an
> excellent car. Now, 200K miles later I decided that it was time for a
> change and started looking for another <snip>

> '88 90Q, '93 100CSQaSteve Valin             sjv@netapp.com
> 408.367.3566

Damn, they found us out.  Just makes the job (finding a car) a little
harder, but it can be done. What we need is another good scare. . .
How's about we start another rumor?        "EPA discovers Depleted
Uranium in Audi cylinder heads"
Then again, US DOD might start buying them up at "bust-out-retail" plus
$600.00 (cost of coffee maker, or was that a toilet seat).
MJ Murphy
89 100 (still q-less, still looking, winter's closing in and I really
hate the G. Wagoneer)