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re: intercooler mods, and motronic modification software in EC 1/98

At 08:51 PM 11/25/97 -0500, you wrote:
>The new European Car has an article on modifying a WMB M3 by adding a
>supercharger (added by Bell Engineering, i.e., Corky Bell).  It includes a
>custom intercooler, 18" by 6" by 3", internal flow area of 24.5" square,
>designed to handle 400hp worth of boost and heat, pressure loss of less than
>1 psi, and dropping compressed air to within 14 degrees of ambient on a 90
>degree day.
>Even more interesting, potentially at least, is the sidebar on using motronic
>ignition to add a turbo or supercharger to a normally aspirated engine
>..."Bonneville Motor Works has taken a different approach, designing a tool
>called the Motronic Editor for use by tuners wishing to dynamically
>recalibrate their Motronic system.  This software displays Motronic air-fuel
>and timing data in a graphical format for easy modification, listing timing
>or injection specifications for engine loading within certain specific ranges
>of rpm.  The program uses the Windows 95 operating environment.  (Contact Jim
>Conforti at 801/943-4181).

BTW, we WMB-interested people out here know that Jim Conforti is the god of
chip programming for BMW's....his Motronic editor is *very* cool (it's been
shown at various WMB CCA events)...never thought about using it on an Audi,

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