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peace on the list and goodwill to each other

>Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 23:31:31 -0500 (EST)
>From: Dan Simoes <dans@ans.net>
>Subject: peace on the list and goodwill to each other

>Yeah, it's a new twist on an old theme, but bear with me....etc., etc.

     As another who has enjoyed the educational benefits of the
"turbo-charged" cat fights, I understand Dan's desire to tone down the
negative personal comments contained in the list submissions.  I've also read
the occasional comment that the technical issues need to be withheld from the
list because some find them "boring".
     As a recent convert to AOL/internet/etc., I learned quickly that the BS
meter gets pegged rather quickly in cyberspace.  11 years olds claiming they
just bought a Viper for $20,000, children filling chat rooms to see how
obnoxious they can be, etc.  I've also become adept at using the "Delete" key
on inbound spam (courtesy of AOL non-filters).  And as a digest reader of the
list I've learned where the Page Down key is.
     During the past year I've been skating around different sites looking
for good information (especially technical) regarding one or more of the cars
I own.  And I finally found this list through one of the listers posting on
an AOL board and using a "Q" oriented sig line.
     This list, especially the archives, represents some of the best of what
you can ask for as a car enthusiast.  Even with the occasional bickering (I
have two teenage children, and this list has NOTHING on them, OK?) it is one
of the best things going.  I appreciate the effort Dan has put into keeping
it going (even though I don't understand what all he does to accomplish
that).  I appreciate the input from Eric and Scott, Dave, and others as well.
     We have two folk from diverse schools of thought.  Eric is from the "I
did it and it hasn't broken yet, so it must work" school.  Scott from the
engineer's point of view that you have to explain why it works.  The two
schools of thought may run parallel, but will never be exactly the same.  I
often think of it as the different between the methodology (no, no, not
mythology - methodology) of the Greeks versus the Romans.  The Greeks felt
everything had to be planned and surveyed to the nth degree before doing the
work.  Romans weren't as worried about planning as much as they were about
building something, anything.  Looking back on history we learn a great deal
from both societies.  Likewise we learn a great deal from both schools of
thought on the list.
     I have a great deal of material dumped into MSWorks files.  Turbo stuff,
intercooler stuff, ecu stuff, and just general Audi stuff.  We have 2 quats
and an fwd car, so all this data is great.  I'd hate to lose the opportunity
to gain more info, especially when it is just getting interesting.
     In other words, the need for tolerance extends beyond two individuals
approaching a problem from different perspectives.  We can all exercise a bit
more tolerance, turn up the BS meters, and make freer use of the Delete and
Page Down keys.  With a little effort on the part of all, things can lighten
up enough that we can all continue to learn and share what we know about
these four-wheel wonders known as quattros.



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