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Re: Slick 50 & friends

Fringe Ryder wrote:

> Armstead, Brian wrote:
> >>Use Militec-1 for equipment it was DESIGNED for, if you use it at all.
> >
> >Fringe:  What do you mean by this?  What's the point of your post?  In my
> >opening sentence it says: "If you are into additives..."  EVERY
> >application listed (except for the sunroof tracks) has documentation to
> >support its use-a/c, industrial, hydraulic, automotive and firearms-with
> >testimonials  So what do you mean by what it's designed for???
> So does Slick-50 and Prolong.  Your point?
> >Not trying to be a wise guy, but you should read their website to educate
> >yourself about this product.  I think it will help you understand the
> >intent of my original post.
> Again,  Slick-50 had a very informative (if false) website with all sorts
> of impressive information about all their stuff.  Again, you fail to
> distinguish your point.  All you've pointed out is that the military uses
> it, which doesn't mean a whit for our applications when you look at the
> disparities I pointed out.
> I'm not actually attacking you for liking this stuff.  It -might- work.
> But... Slick-50 had pretty good sucker-data too

Sucker data! they had NO DATA. Just claims from no one who counted.On the
other hand Militec-1 is test by the govnment, GM and other companies


> and a nice presentation.
> I never used either, and after 109K rough miles, was still at factory spec
> in a FORD.  My point is that it doesn't matter if the stuff does any good,
> because you don't NEED it.  Oil changes every 3000 will accomplish the same
> thing.

In Audi's it's 7,500 mile oil changes.

> >Good luck with your Audi if you treat it that way too.
> Thanks.  I don't treat it nearly that rough - I still have the Escort for
> that - but I have broken a wheel on the Audi already... about five months
> into ownership.  The rear license plate frame fell off about 11 months into
> ownership.   Barrier had never seen that happen, and were wondering what I
> could have done to vibrate it free.  (Evidently it's not bolted in, just
> screwed into plastic expanding retainers.)  But it's mostly babied... with
> oil changes every 3K.
>         Fringe
>         '97 A4Q