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RE: A4 headlights - Differences?

I used the 9004 Ion blue bulb on my 93 100. Used it for a month, and took
them off. They suck. The bulbs that I had installed emitted a green
lighting pattern on the road instead of bright white or yellow, like my
PIAA driving light. The rating was 60 low/ 100 hi. They didn't burn out my
wiring. I bought the pair for $45 at a local Japanese tuning shop. 

Something I saw in Japan was a Raybrig H4 bulb. They were the brightest
white bulbs I've ever seen. The intensity was like the Xenon lights, but
without the blue glow. Figuring conversion from Yen to dollar they cost
about $130! 

Seung Lee
93 100S (in the shop. . .driving a Chevy Corsica loaner. . .with better
lights than my Audi)
Silver Spring, Md

On Mon, 24 Nov 1997, Jay Welsh wrote:

> >
> >I don't know how your lenses or harness would hold up under the continuous
> use of 
> >100W on main beam but you could experiment